As much as you would like to believe it, divine intervention is not what gives a Victoria’s Secret angel her sexy and enviable figure. Getting toned pins to slide into second-skin jeans is no mean feat, and they work their butt off to be able to sashay down the runway with such aplomb.

The only way us lesser mortals got lucky this week, was because the stunning Alessandra Ambrosio released a web-isode of her workout session with trainer Justin Gelband, as they honed those legs, sculpting them to perfection.

As you can see, a host of leg raises, Spiderman planks, leg extensions, and the superman exercise are part of Ambrosio’s intense workout regime. The model works her core in tandem with her glutes and leg muscles, all under the supervision of the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ trainer.

You can take cue from her web-isode, or try this alternate workout which can be done in the comfort of your home:

Do two sets of 15 reps of the hip bridge.
Do two sets of 8-10 reps of lunges.
Do three sets of 20 reps of jump squats.
Do three sets of 10-15 reps of squats.

We also have the The Ultimate Workout Guide For Your Legs, which includes a variety of programs like dancing, boxing, martial arts, and Carrie Underwood’s secret exercise routine for perfectly toned pins as well. So go break a leg; metaphorically of course.



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