It’s not the first time we’re spotlighting this stunning singer. Carrie Underwood’s post-pregnancy weight loss hit all the high notes and she continues to tread on the path to fitness, even though she’s regained her pre-pregnancy vital stats.

So while the A-lister was going all out with a vegan diet, weight training and alternate workouts to shed the baby weight, she’s now settled into a regimented routine which she proudly showcased on her Instagram feed: “Cloudy but no rain = perfect day to run outside! 1mi treadmill warm up, tabata arms and abs, finish up with a 3 mile run/lunge up the hills. I’m a sweaty mess, but fortunately I have sweet Penny to =help get me cleaned up! Ew. #StayThePath #CALIAbyCarrie #NoMakeup #NoFilter #BeNice.”

As a snapshot, this little update doesn’t feel like much, but when you break down Carrie’s workout, you’ll understand how her circuit routine is one killer mashup of interval training:

1mi Treadmill: Indoor group treadmill classes have been gaining momentum steadily, and were even slotted as one of the most popular fitness trends of 2015. Treadmill-based training can beat running in the outdoors on multiple counts, as you’re in a temperature-controlled environment that helps you push through the sweat. With a lower strain on the bones, joints and tendons, it serves as a great warm up for an interval training routine.

Tabata: Part of the new super-short workouts craze, a session lasts for just four minutes and requires you to alternate between 20 seconds of pushing yourself to the limit, followed by 10 seconds of an activity at a slow-to-moderate pace. This take on HIIT is great for busy individuals like Carrie, who uses them to focus on her arms and abs. You too, can do a mix of bicep curls, rowing, tricep extensions, stability ball tucks, pull-ups, planks and overhead presses.

Lunges: No ordinary move this one, Underwood does the traditional lunges on the hillside, covering a distance of 3 miles. This modification can be done on the treadmill using the incline feature. It helps build muscles and body tone, and amps up the intensity of the workout while making you sweat like never before. Everything from your core, legs, and butt will feel the tension. Throw in some arm movement to tap into the upper body once you get used to the move.

With this little routine, you’ve covered all bases like cardio, endurance training, HIIT, strength training, flexibility workouts, warm up, posture correction and stability moves. Ready to give it a go?

Image Courtesy: Carrie Underwood/Instagram and CaliaByCarrie/Instagram

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