Get your A-game on as the biggest names in soccer, music and Hollywood show you how to exercise and engage each and every muscle. While Beckham’s got the upper body covered, Lady Gaga is all about the core and Hugh Jackman has it in for your legs. Here’s how to work it like an A-lister:

Let’s Start At The Top: David Beckham resorts to boxing. It is a high intensity cardiovascular workout that can burn 350 calories in an hour. Strong arms, steady legs and ripped abs are all signs that boxing is a full-body workout, as it utilizes every major muscle. Boxing makes you feel empowered, improves your stance, balances your gait, tones your body, and makes you lose weight the right way. David Beckham sums it up, “Arms shaking , hands about to fall off… Thanks Pete .. Protein shake and an ice bath … Great workout ….”

Move To The Middle: Lady Gaga turns to yoga to work the hips and strengthen the core. If you have had hip surgery and are experiencing discomfort, try the bridge pose with resistance to bounce back in no time, after consulting your physiotherapist, of course. “Up early for hip exercise! I have to do these everyday to keep my hip strong, otherwise I have pain. (FYI, I’m not really that thin it’s just the stretch! Trust me! Haha).” Make note that all injuries must be dealt with extreme caution. Here are some things to keep in mind before you ease your way back into an intense workout.

Grand Finish: Leg days are the worst, and you can see Hugh Jackman all ready to break into a grunt as he makes use of the weighted leg press. If you engage the core, this gym machine makes for a great resistance move that has you pushing the weights away using the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and calves. Always double check that the plates are locked in place before getting on the machine, and have a trainer review your form and technique. This is one of the more heavy-weight strength training equipment, and can do serious damage if you’re reckless.

Three superstars, three inspirational Insta posts, and one full-body program—there’s really no good excuse to flake on working out today!

Image Courtesy: David Beckham/Instagram, Lady Gaga/Instagram and Hugh Jackman/Instagram

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