Eggs: The egg yolk is a prime source of leutin and zinc, which reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts.

Sure you’ve heard of all those folks who gulp down raw eggs to build muscle tone and add definition to their body. While it sounds a tad gross, it’s actually quite beneficial and gives you the desired results. Here’s all you need to know, before you consider taking on this high-protein ingredient.

The How? Why? & How Many?
If muscle building is your goal, then have at least six raw eggs a day, and work your way up to 15. This is one of the best ways to exclude protein supplements from your diet, which tend to hamper with the natural functioning of your body and can leave you seriously ill.

Now, because eggs are full of high quality protein, they are an excellent way of building cells in the muscles. Eggs also contain amino acids that are essential for recovering from muscle pain and stress, while you’ve been working out. If you are worried about the fat content, you should know that it is just the right amount you need in order to bulk up. The fat fuels your energy levels, which is important for those who are trying to build muscle mass.

Does It Have To Be Raw?
Cooking sets you back on the nutritional value, hence fitness enthusiasts prefer to eat raw eggs. Also, different preparation methods may result in an additional intake of calories and fat content, so raw may be the better choice after all. The only, and yet, very serious problem is that you risk contracting the salmonella virus. This virus is present in the yolk, and could have been transferred from the hen’s reproductive tissue. While washing the eggs reduces the risk, it certainly does not eliminate it.

On an end note, eggs are an economical natural supplement that have been the backbone of body builders and weight lifters for a long time. Choose a healthy way to stir them up and stick to the prescribed limit for best results.

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