Sore muscles, back pain or even body ache, all serve as roadblocks to our fitness goals. Most of us completely stop exercising and lay in bed to nurse the damage. What you could do to keep the momentum going and reduce the agony, is to try out recovery exercises.

Recovery exercises are ideal for first-timers at the gym, or for those who have taken on a new routine. In order to stay fit, workouts put your body under moderated stress and muscle tension to improve endurance and add definition to your physique. But, like most other things, it takes a while to adapt to the added pressure, which is why you will notice soreness, cramping, and unnatural tightening all over your body during this stage. Trainers and physicians world over have now acknowledged the importance of recovery workouts, and are including them in the weekly schedules of their clients.

Work In Progress
While running, lifting weights and bodyweight exercises stress your muscles, recovery workouts use various techniques to intensify the healing process and repair muscle tissues. These techniques and actions can include hydration, nutrition, posture, heat and ice packs, stretching, self-myofascial release, stress management, compression, and time spent standing.

Internally, the recovery process is all about striking a chemical and hormonal balance, repairing the nervous system and muscle tissues, and also easing your mental state and stress.

What To Expect
Low impact exercises and sports are the ideal way to increase blood flow in the body, which is essential to speed up the healing process. A trainer may  advice stretching exercises, yoga, swimming, and foam-roller workouts too; isometrics and sleep should be included in your routine to enhance your recovery process.

Besides exercise, diet is also important for muscle repair. Foods high in potassium, protein, and don’t forget water, can aid in physical health and mental well-being. It is a combination of food and techniques that will help you make a full recovery.

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