Total Resistance Exercise or TRX training is a relatively recent form of strength training introduced to gym goers who are seeking to tone and sculpt their bodies.

The routine helps increase flexibility, strengthen your core, gives you better joint stability, improves coordination, and enhances balance too.

The Breakdown
TRX involves suspension training that is done with the support of ropes and webbing, allowing you to utilize your own bodyweight as resistance against gravity.

The basic premise is to work your body and engage your muscles, the same way you would in your day-to-day life. You are required to twist, bend, move forward, recline, and stretch side-to-side.

While it sounds simplistic, this “multi-plane” movement helps create effective calisthenics, or a rhythmic routine that works your whole body.

Is TRX For You?
People of all ages can be initiated into TRX Training under the guidance of a certified trainer. Once you learn the basic form and technique, TRX is rather easy and can be used to perform hundreds of exercise variations that will never let you plateau or feel bored.

In addition, going up a level is extremely convenient too. Simple foot placement manipulations can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout, so there’s no need of big and intimidating modifications.

The flow of moving from one exercise to the next is seamless, which helps keep your heart rate up and allows you to burn more calories consistently.

So, if you are looking for something new and challenging to shake up your workout routine, TRX Training is definitely worth a shot.