Anyone who has attended a Zumba session will tell you that this is not just an excellent workout, but it’s also fun and addictive. Whether you take it up for its health benefits or just as another reason to get grooving, this dance workout should be on your fitness calendar in 2015. Here’s why we think it is such an amazing workout.

Calorific: Did you know that you can burn about 600-1,000 calories in a 60 minute Zumba session? That’s easily double of what you would lose while running on a treadmill for an hour.

Pulsating: This dance workout not only gets your metabolic and heart rate up, it also engages multiple muscles simultaneously. Zumba discreetly incorporates lunges, squats and other bodyweight exercises that tighten and tone your body.

Addictive: Unlike a never-ending hour at the gym, you won’t even notice how time goes by at a Zumba class. Most people find it hard to give it up, and keep going back to learn new moves, discover new tracks, and to meet new people.

Uplifting: In addition to toning your body and helping you lose weight, Zumba can also greatly improve your mood. Dance and music in general cause a rise in your dopamine levels, which make you happier and stress-free.

Balancing: The dance will help you find your center, improve your reflexes, coordination and bounce-back capabilities. This is one of the main reasons why it works for all ages, and is a great workout with low risk of injury.

Why should you be restricted to heavyweight machines when there is a more upbeat and entertaining way to lose weight? Don’t let workout be a drag; take up Zumba instead.

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