The premise of cross-training is to accelerate your performance without stressing your body. It aims to maximize your gains and cut your losses by taking only the best from different training methods, to create a custom workout. With every muscle group on target, here’s why cross-training should be on your list:

Plus 1: Cross-training draws from a variety of to create one workout. It can include body building, track training, kickboxing and the likes, all at the same time; monotony will never be a problem. You learn different disciplines and skills, with no muscle left untrained.

Plus 2: Over-training is one of the main causes of injuries, because of repetitive stress on the same muscles. The multiple routines in cross-training however work different muscle groups for short periods of time, so that you don’t strain your joints.

Plus 3: If you want to lose weight quickly, cross-training is definitely the way to go. You can gain muscle, lose the fat and build your aerobic capacity, all in a single workout. You burn approximately 500 calories in 30 minutes.

Plus 4: The workout builds endurance by strengthening all the muscles in one routine. This makes your body stronger, more balanced, agile, and resilient to wear and tear.

Plus 5: What’s great about cross-training is that it is a conditioning exercise. You don’t need to pull yourself out of the game if you injure yourself. Light active recovery exercises like swimming will get you back in top form, while not causing a dip in your training schedule.

Whether you want to run a marathon or get in shape quickly, cross-training is a workout you should consider, preferably under the guidance of a fitness trainer.