Her sexy voice, sultry curvaceous body, long slender legs, and blessed assets can drive any boy, guy or man crazy.

Sure, genetics may have had a role to play in it, but the Colombian actress also maintains her god-sent figure with a good dose of the Lagree Fitness Method.

This essentially is an amped-up version of Pilates using the now famous Megaformer machine, to get in an intense cardio session while making the most of the toning benefits of Pilates.

Here’s five ways the Lagree Fitness Method really works your whole body:

All-In-One Physical Fitness: The workout merges strength and endurance training with cardio, and also includes balance and core exercises to improve your flexibility—all of this in a 60-minute workout.

Low-Impact Exercises: If like Sofia Vergara, you also suffer from weak knees or have had an injury, running is out of the question. Lagree fitness on the other hand while extremely intense, is very easy and low-impact on the muscles, joints, spine and connective tissues.

Up Your Fitness: Lagree fitness is a great way for people to get over a plateau, amp-up their workout and increase their level of performance. The exercises are demanding, challenging, but just as rewarding and effective too.

5-In-1: This form of fitness engages multiple muscle groups, provides resistance exercises, improves your range of motion (therefore enhances flexibility), and teaches you how to use slow and controlled movements to stimulate muscle growth, while reducing the risk of injury.

Megaformer: Just the equipment on its own is something else. It’s been specially designed by Lagree pioneer Sebastien Lagree, for high-intensity, low-impact exercises. Dynamic and intuitive, holding the right form while performing your workouts can make you lose as many as 600 calories in an hour-long session.

If you have all of the above on your desired checklist to take on a fitness program, then you’ve come to the right place. And with Sofia as your muse, could you be any more motivated?

Image Courtesy: Sofia Vergara/Instagram

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