Consider them parallel tangents. Your three-course meal should equate to a three-part workout—you have the appetizers (the warm-up), the mains (cardio and strength training), and desserts (the cool down).

We’ve already discussed the latter two out of the three, so now we’re going to help you understand why getting your body warmed up the right way fuels your metabolism, and sees you through your workout, unscathed and unharmed.

Here are five ways how the first 5-7 minutes of your workout set the tone for the rest of your routine:

Gets Your Temperature Rising
When it comes to strenuous exercise, getting your temperature up is a good way to start. The warm-up allows blood to flow to your muscles, stimulating them for rigorous activity.

Gets You Pumped Up
The body stores energy in the muscles, and an increased body temperature means an accelerated blood flow, which in turn stimulates the muscles, releasing the stored energy you’ll need to make your workout count.


It’s All In the Reflexes
Warming up ensures you’re alert and your muscle reflexes are ready for the onslaught of the many squats, dips and push-ups your body is about to go through.

Protects Against Wear & Tear
Just 5-10 minutes of warming up considerably reduces the risk of injury. You protect your heart against unexpected stress, and your tendons, ligaments and muscles have the necessary blood to power them; they are flexible and stretched out, allowing full-range of motion.

No Mind Games
Warm-ups act as a way to ease one into a workout. They help your mind to get prepared for the workout that lies ahead.

On that note, if spending a couple of minutes doing the most simplistic exercises can benefit you in so many ways, why consider skipping it at all?

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