Think of this workout as your standard Pilates class, but re-imagined and re-energized to give you a competitive edge. FlexPilates, a part of Flex Studios, aims to take you to the next level by replacing the basic reformer machine with their Flexformer, a modified variant that gives you a full-body workout, while adding muscle tone.

The Workout: Fast-paced and set to upbeat music, the instructor guided us through a transitioning series of movements for the duration of the class. Each move continuously worked a different body part to the brink of exhaustion. The class made use of the machine’s many features, including the free weights, pulley system and pedals. Some of the moves combined multiple elements of the Flexformer, and initially felt a tad complicated and awkward. However, the instructor guided us through it, until we had the correct form to use the machine to target the desired areas.

What We Liked: Because this revolutionary machine is so specialized, it was able to work the generally hard to engage muscles that usually get missed. You will feel soreness in the oddest of places, and trust us, that’s a good thing.

What We Didn’t Like: The machine was a little difficult to get used to. However, after the first 10 minutes or so, you gain more confidence as you get comfortable and find your sync with it.

Facility: It includes a large, open space with two studios—one for Barre and one for Pilates. There is a sizeable lounge area, one changing room and two bathrooms. The studio also offers lockers and complimentary towels.

Location: Flex Studios, Union Square, NYC.

Currently, there is only one studio in New York, with a single session costing $38. For more information please visit