A little known secret, the floor you workout on makes a big impact on your performance and results. In fact, exercise rooms have a special kind of base that includes laminate, rubber and cork flooring. On the other hand, gymnastics uses spring floors to allow for high-powered training among athletes, and interestingly, this component is being replicated in some fitness gyms to amp-up your results. Here’s how it works:

Why Spring Floors?
If you do not own a trampoline or a bosu ball, a spring floor is the next best thing. A good workout incorporates exercising all muscles, and spring floors allow for that kind of reverberation that travels through the body when you’re in motion. This base is also gentle on the joints and can stimulate different muscle groups simultaneously. FYI, there will be 400 springs at your feet, all geared to give you a full-body workout. So let’s bounce then, shall we?

Work It Out
The benefits of spring floors can be reaped through all regular gym workouts, bar none. From circuit training and weight training to Pilates and yoga, the floors will give you a bounce-back ability that will build endurance and enable you to train for longer without experiencing exhaustion. Interestingly, spring floors are particularly great for the currently trending high-impact and high intensity workouts, as they protect the fascia fibers around your joints and ease wear-and-tear.

On that note, find a studio that has a gymnastics class or has invested in spring floors to rise to the challenge and level-up your workout.

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