The quest to stay fit is always an overwhelming task. And if you’re a first-timer, nothing can be more intimidating than entering a gym full of regulars who seem to be working the place like a boss.

According to celebrity fitness trainer Fabrice Le Physique, owner of Munsterfit, an exclusive personal training gym, keeping a few things in mind before you make your gym debut can make your experience a whole lot easier.

We help you get started off on the right foot:

Tip 1: What To Carry
Carrying along a few basics goes a long way, because then you won’t have that awkward  moment where you have to borrow your essentials, or be caught without them.

  • Towel: No one wants to sit in your sweat and you don’t want to sit in someone else’s. Carrying a towel to dab your forehead or lay down on any machine you may be using is always a good idea.
  • Water Bottle: It’s common knowledge that one sweats at a gym. You must replenish the fluids you lose while working out, and so, carrying a water bottle ranks high on the must-have list.
  • Music: Music is a great way to boost energy. Most gyms play up-beat tunes, but a number of people prefer to carry their own workout music. Just make sure that the device you use doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. Use an arm- or wrist-band to secure the device. Here are some tips on Creating The Perfect Workout Playlist.


Tip 2: What To Do When You’re At The Gym
The best way to get accustomed to your surroundings is by giving it a quick scan. And what better time to do so than when you’re on your way to the locker room?

  • Heading to the locker room means you’ve given yourself time to get familiar with where the machines are located.
  • Make sure you practice the expected gym etiquette. Nobody likes a jerk who doesn’t follow the rules, or lacks basic human decency.
  • If you don’t know how to use a particular machine, don’t hesitate to ask. There are people to assist you for a reason. However, if you want extensive information, you can always schedule a session with a personal trainer.  Most gyms offer inexpensive personal training sessions, sometimes even free sessions on your first day, or for the first week.


Tip 3: Go With A Friend
Sometimes, being around someone you know can always be comforting. Besides, going with a friend has its own advantages.

  • For starters, you get to try out new things together. Perhaps, you can get acquainted with different gym equipment and then share the knowledge.
  • A lot of gyms offer various group activities, and taking a class with a friend is always fun.
  • If a class is not of any particular interest, scheduling a personal training session for the two of you is another way to help ease the tension.

The first time for anything will always be a little unnerving. But what you have to remember is that everyone was where you are now at some point. As for the regulars, they are too caught up in their own routines to actually notice your awkwardness. A good lesson to learn is to be supportive of the novice that comes in when you’ve been around the block for long enough.

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