Hilary duff no to diet

Give her a minute, for Hilary Duff wants to jump off the diet bandwagon that pretty much dominates the lives of A-listers. “I’d rather have someone pull my finger nails off, than hunker down and go on an actual diet,” she told Shape Magazine.

Much like Fergie and Shay Mitchell, Hilary sees no point in restrictive food plans that cannot be sustained in the long run. To be fair, even researchers have concluded that all branded weight-loss diets help you lose equal amount of weight (and put some back on, within the next year).

Duff relies on calorie burn instead of calorie restriction and indulges in intense workout routines that have helped her bounce back to her pre-baby weight. “I work out with weighted balls, battle ropes, and big rubber bands.”

She’s also very on-trend with her alternate fitness workout, the multiple benefits of which, we’ve illustrated extensively. “I do this thing with a sledgehammer where I swing it and hit a rubber block, and it gets out all of my aggression. Everyone is like, ‘Uh-oh, Hilary’s got the hammer—get out of the way!'”

If like Hilary, traditional workouts can’t seem to hold your attention, here are some new-age exercise programs that could get your motor running.

Image Courtesy: Hilary Duff/Instagram

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