With a client list that includes the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Lena Dunham, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and so many other stunning A-listers, Ms Anderson’s portfolio is more than impressive as her followers seem to have some of the most stunning bodies in the business.

While a session or customized diet plan by the trainer may prove to be hard on your pocket, thanks to social media, you can sample bits of her fitness plans on YouTube and Instagram. In fact, we picked up some intense workout moves from these little clips to give you a taste of exercising with Tracy, so that you too, can put her on your ‘follow list’ on social media.

Let’s check them out:

Warm-Up: One must prepare the body for the onslaught of an intense workout in order to prevent injuries, make you more flexible, kickstart your metabolism, and generate some heat from within. A warm-up session is an ideal way to stir up our body into alertness by increasing the flow of blood to all our muscles and improving circulation.

That said, if you’re imagining this will be a series of slow, rhythmic movements like other warm-ups, well, Tracy is about to change all that, as is apparent in this video:

Warm. Up. 

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All Up In Arms With This Exercise:
 Well, her InstaPost is really descriptive enough on the premise of how the arm exercise works. To put it briefly, it’s about using music to amp up your energy levels and enthusiasm, and working the arms to open the chest area, improve blood circulation, and engage the upper body. A simple move like this can help regulate the delivery of vital nutrients to the body via the blood stream. Then again, we’re going to let Tracy say it in her own words so that you feel inclined to try out the move at home.

I’m always researching to improve our program for fitness, health, longevity, and how that mission contributes to our happiness and well being. Why did I create my crazy arm sequences over a decade ago???? Even recently I read an interesting article by Tania Gabrielle French called “Why Do Music Conductors Live so long?” Ms. French’s article focused on the fact that many orchestra conductors lived very long productive lives, i.e. Stokowski 95, Casals 96, Boulanger 90, Toscanini 89 etc. etc. and her thesis focused on two elements of their profession as quoted from her article below: 1. “Conductors flap their arms around for many hours a day. Upper body exercises are a great cardio-vascular workout because they expand the muscles of the chest and open the lungs. Plus the movements cause your heart to pump strongly, so blood and nutrients flow to your muscles and organs” “The result-conductors have low blood pressure. Their minds are sharpened because they get more blood circulation to their brains.” 2. “But there’s one more vital ingredient that explains why conductors enjoy longer and healthier lives. Think about it. Why are they flapping their arms? What’s being generated as a result? A cascade of gorgeous orchestral music. Beautifully arching melodies with superior rejuvenating powers. Intricate harmonies that create new brain cells and higher IQs. Alpha-state rhythms that calm and sustain inner peace.” My programs have always utilized the power of music to synergistically tune our minds, senses, and physiology to maximum effect. My research showed me how we leverage ourselves to higher output when music we enjoy is tuned to our activity. Being a lover of all good music and the vital part it plays in my life’s work I am so down with @shinedown Cut The Cord! If your arms don’t move we have a problem

A video posted by Tracy Anderson (@tracyandersonmethod) on

A Full-Body Workout: 
No ordinary kick-back routine, this move requires you to get on all fours and engage those arms, legs, and love handles, all while reinforcing spine flexibility. We suggest you start off in a slow and steady manner because the exercise routine is going to leave you breathless in just 10 reps.


With this snapshot series, is there any surprise we’ve pegged Tracy Anderson as our fitness star of the week? Well, until next time, then.

Image Courtesy: Tracy Anderson/Instagram

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