Thigh exercises

It will be swimsuit season soon, and surely, while you can opt out of that two-piece to keep your mid-riff under wraps, there’s no place to hide those legs unless you go old-school with a dress-style swimsuit. While our Guide To Becoming The Leggy Lass will help you achieve that overall body tone, getting rid of the saddlebags around the outer thigh proves to be particularly challenging for most women.

Try these isolated exercises to target the area, smooth out those curves, and give you legs that are proportionate to your booty for that perfect beach body.

Bodyweight Exercise
Squat-&-side-leg-raisesSquat & Side Leg Raises:
Do a deep squat and bounce back on one leg as you go back to start position. Now, while balancing on the leg, raise the other one out toward the side. Start with 20 reps of this exercise to work the outer thigh, glutes and core, and work your way up.

Free Weights Exercise
Side-lungeSide Lunges:
Holding free weights appropriate to your body weight (consult a trainer), begin by standing with your legs together. Now, take a large step out to the right. Let your upper body bend forward, and keep your hands stretched out toward the ground. Do not bend your back and ensure your knees do not move past your toes. Keep your left leg straight. Hold this position for three counts and get back to starting position. About 2 sets of 10 reps of this move should help shape your inner and outer thighs.

Gym Weights Exercise
Cable-abductionCable Abduction:
Use a cable pulley machine for this thigh exercise. Stand with the right side of your body close to the machine. Adjust the cable cuffs to the lower pulley and strap it to your left ankle. Lift your left leg outwards, stretching it straight. Lower it down, and without touching the ground move on to the next rep. Do 3 sets of 10-20 reps on each side to work those saddlebags.

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