While yoga instructor Mandy Ingber does a fabulous job of keeping Jennifer Aniston in shape, she recently revealed that the actress personally loves doing butt squats for that perfect derrière. If you, too, are in pursuit of that enviable booty, get behind this workout plan right away.

Step 1: Sun Salutation, Or Surya Namaskaar
This yoga asana is a full-body workout that incorporates lunges and downward-facing dog exercises that stretch the glutes and hamstring. About 12 rounds of the sun salutation is a good number for a morning workout. For a step-by-step of this yoga exercise, click here.

Step 2: Dumbbell Squats
Increase the intensity of squats by carrying five-pound dumbbells in each hand for better results. Squat while carrying the weights; do 2 sets of 15 reps each.

Step 3: Explosive Lunges
Stand with your hands on your hip and suck in your stomach and glutes. Take a long step with your right foot, while simultaneously bending your left foot to kneeling position, but don’t actually touch the ground (stay four-six inches above). Then jump and switch the legs, interchanging the position. Do three sets of 10 reps per side to stretch the glutes.

Step 4: Hip Bridge
Lie on your back, knees folded and feet on the ground. Lift your hip, squeeze the glutes and hamstring and hold this position for one minute. It not only exercises the butt muscles, but also relieves tension in the lower back. Do three sets of 15-20 reps of the hip bridge.


You didn’t think that following the footsteps of Jennifer Aniston would be easy, did you? But with exercises that target your butt muscles directly, you too can have a firm and curvy derrière in due time.

Image Source: Instagram