This Victoria’s Secret angel completed the half marathon, which for her was quite a challenge considering she’s never been much of a runner. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: “Running is a fear I’ve always wanted to overcome and push myself to try,” Kloss told Runners World. The leggy lass prefers alternate forms of fitness like dance training and ballet, both of which help her stay in shape.

That said, here’s why you too should embrace the humble run-around to get in some exercise, because it has benefits aplenty:

Full-Body Workout: Karlie Kloss agrees: “Running is an all-encompassing workout that really exercises your entire body.” But to put things into perspective, running is indeed a great cardio exercise that regulates your respiratory system, but you still need to strength train if muscle tone is what you’re after.

Mental Health: Running frees the mind by alleviating stress as it increases the oxygen delivered to the body. Kloss too, uses the activity to get a hold on things, “Running helps me clear my mind and gives me uninterrupted time to think. I also always feel re-centered and ready to take on the day after a really good run,” she says.

Endurance: Running gradually increases your stamina, and your speed too. If you are sluggish or dreary, spike your energy levels with a good run, but be sure to stick to the jogging track, and wear spring-y shoes to minimize the pressure on the joints.

Stronger Bones: Muscles in tandem with bones, define the structure of the body. If you are prone to muscle loss and regression of bone density, running is one of the ways to regain form. It works the body and engages the muscles, but is low-impact enough to have minimal risk of injury.

Lose Weight: The most basic reason to take up any exercise routine, overall weight loss can be achieved by running for exercise, recreation, or in marathons too. This cardiovascular workout increases your heart  rate and uses excess fat to create energy in order to help you keep on running.

On an end note, Kloss signs off with some sound advice: “I make sure I stay hydrated and energized with healthy snacks and lots of water whenever I work out.” Point taken, Karlie.

Images Courtesy: KarlieKloss/Instagram

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