This little canon ball packs more power than most other gym equipment, and is by far the most useful free-weight you can possible own. From burning calories to building muscles, revving up your metabolism, and adding definition to your body tone, the Russian cast iron weight can deliver a thorough cardiovascular workout using various permutations and combinations.

Here are some that you should try:

Leg Workout: Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees and hips, so that your back is parallel to the ground. Slowly, lower the weight and move it back between your legs. With the help of your heels stand up, keeping your back flat, chest up, and shoulders back. Do 25 reps to work those leg muscles.

Core Workout: Do a basic lunge (here’s how), but, get your grip on a kettlebell weight with both hands, and as you lunge forward, raise the weight above your head, in a slow, non-jerky motion. Lower the free-weight between every rep (do 10-12), and start over.

Arm Workouts: Hold the kettlebell upside-down—by the horns—in front of your chest. Firmly grip the kettlebell in this position, and move it around your head, coming back to the front (form a circle). Do 10-12 reps for some toned arms and shoulders.

Invest in a 10-20lb kettlebell or consult your trainer to buy the right weights. FYI, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Biel, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew McConaughey are among the celebrities who use this fitness accessory for weight training.

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