Trade in your vacuum cleaner, dishwasher and pre-packaged foods for the real deal, because apparently, an hour of household chores done the old school way (manually) can help you lose 200 calories, while revving up your metabolism.

Carpet sweeping or sweeping floors engage your upper body muscles and core, which burns off 39 calories in 15 minutes. Practice correct form to prevent back pain. Bend from your knees and hips, not from your back.

If you are trying to lose weight, Ctrl+Alt+Delete junk and frozen foods and cook a meal from scratch instead. This will help burn 26 calories in 15 minutes, but more importantly, will make you aware of your diet, food plan, nutrition and freshness of produce.

Setting and clearing the table coupled with doing the dishes can help melt another 26 calories in 15 minutes. End by giving your dog a nice scrub down and add another 43 calories to your burn list.

It’s time to get off your couch, put down the ipad, and take a broom. Get clean to get fit.

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