Burning more calories than you consume is the basic premise of weight loss. We hit the gym with a vengeance, day-after-day, hoping to see the calorie counter on our cardio machines be a game changer for us. And, sure it feels great to see that you’ve burned 300 calories in 30 minutes, but wait! It’s a lie!

The calorie burning tool on cardio machines are far from accurate. Most cardio machines use your weight and age to calculate the calorie burn for the average person, but the machines do not take into account your gender, height, body fat percentage, fitness level, and metabolic rate, all of which would contribute significantly to the correct number.

It is your body composition and the efficiency of your exercise technique that will additionally lend to the overall calorie loss in your routine.

So remember, when it comes to the quality of your workout, think of the numbers in front of you as a guideline, not the hard facts. Instead, use the heart rate monitor to stay within the right performance levels while you workout.

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