With an influx of energy drinks in the market, many have replaced their coffee and sports drinks with these quick-fix solutions that keep you up and about for hours together. But, for those who use them to fuel their workout and lose weight quickly, the drink has major negative repercussions that can even be fatal.

The ultra-high doses of caffeine in energy drinks stays in your system for hours, often distressing your sleeping patterns. Now we’ve already told you how important sleep is for weight loss. Add to that, the dehydrating effect of the excessive caffeine, and you will realize why energy drinks are counterproductive for a healthy workout.

Also, do not mistake them for sports drinks; sports drinks are specifically designed to replace the salt and water your body loses while exercising. The likes of Gatorade and Powerade are very different from Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar.

If four cups of coffee a day can leave you anxious, fidgety, nauseous, and palpitating, then imagine what a potful (the approximate amount in energy drinks) can do to you.

Almost double the energy drink related emergencies have been reported in the last five years, so tread with caution, and stick to water or sports drinks instead.

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