Feel like throwing in the towel, sometimes as early as 10 minutes into your workout? Well, the latest fitness routine encourages you to go ahead and do just that.

You may be familiar with interval trainingTabata and HIIT, all of which are positioned to minimize time spent exercising in lieu of upping the ante by increasing intensity. The new super-short workouts share the same premise, but have been further broken down into three to four sessions of 10-minute (or less) engaging exercise routines to be done intermittently, as many times as you can through the day.

Generally, 45 minutes is the ideal duration for a productive workout; but, the latest fad suggests that super-short exercise routines create a sudden burst of energy, which instantaneously increases your heart rate. This in turn builds up heat in the body, inducing the burning of accumulated fat. If you’re a beginner, start with one minute of brisk walking, and then sprint for nine minutes.

Need To Know
The super-short craze has three benefits—you burn calories quickly; keep your metabolism engaged through the day; and, you stick with the program because it’s served up in the simplest format, sans the drudgery and boredom. You can also be assured of a good digestive system, lower cholesterol levels, and prevention of aging lines (as it improves blood circulation).

CrossFit, plyometric exercises, interval training and Tabata are workout formats that can be included in your fat burning session that should be no shorter than four minutes, and no longer than 10 minutes. Do 3-5 super-short routines through the day and you’re all set.

Make note that doing intense exercises over short periods of time increases stamina, endurance and strength. But, remember to do your stretching exercises in the morning to reduce risk of injuries.

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