Depending on your needs and access to equipment, you can modify your workout to use free weights, gym weights or bodyweights for your saddlebags.
A 10-day battery life is perhaps the biggest sell of this smartwatch/fitness wearable device.
She can play the perfect muse to well-rounded women who want to maintain a healthy body weight; because not all models are size 0!
This cardio squatting, pelvic thrusting, booty shaking routine will now be available on your smartphones.
This strength training exercise is ideal for beginners who aren't as comfortable with free-weights yet; it trains them to hold proper form and posture.
It takes a lot for a 27-year-old to play a teenager, in terms of just nailing the right built and sustaining that youthful glow, but the actress does one hell of a job!
When Yeezy tells you to get something done, don’t go assuming that saying no is an option.
Feel free to indulge in a homemade chicken burger instead of a protein shake; it's all the same after a workout.
“The key is exercising while you are pregnant. This helps your labor go smoothly and it makes it easier to lose weight afterwards.”
“I like beer. And pizza. And these two ingredients are not found in the purely fictional book I like to call ‘How to Look Like You Never Made a Human: A Guide to Socially Acceptable Motherhood’.”