No waves? No problem. Surfset is a new kind of workout that brings surfing to studios. While there is no actual beach or waves, the classes are taught using their revolutionary board which is set atop rubber balls with suspension cords that mimic the feeling of floating on water.

The standalone board paired with surfing moves allows participants to experience the sport, as well as get in a full-body workout. Here’s how you can roll with tide and get on board this trending form of fitness:

The Workout: With the boards positioned in a semi-circle around the instructor, the class was set to upbeat music, with surfing videos playing on a screen in the background.

Throughout the class, the instructor teaches you basic surfing moves like popping up and paddling, and slowly builds on them to create fluid surfing sequences. These sequences are then mixed with intervals of cardio.

The constant movement forces you to engage you core in order to maintain balance and keep from falling off the board.


What We Liked: This was a workout unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It was exciting in its uniqueness and engaging for the whole body.

What We Would Change: The class ran a little bit over the scheduled time, but to be honest, we hardly noticed until we clocked out.

Location: Surfset has a studio in NYC, but we tried one of its popup classes at a hotel in Chelsea.

Details: Surfset offers classes around the world, but the price depends on the location. They also sell their boards and offer at-home online videos. For more information on locations, pricing, or to purchase your own Surfset equipment, click here.

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