We’re loving this hybrid. It’s a mix of the old and the new; the tried-and-tested and the experimental; cardio exercises and muscle building—it’s where the classic rowing workout meets the contemporary drag of battle ropes training.

Ropes & Rowers. Yes, that’s the one that’s creating a buzz. With the focus of both workouts on core training, strengthening, endurance building, and extreme muscle definition, here’s all you need to know about the supercharged routine.

The Workout
Master instructors Danielle Hopkins and Webb Travis from the Equinox fitness studios are responsible for the clever design of this workout. The routine finds its principles in circuit exercises and works on the interval training format, but is low-impact.

A 45-50 minute group session of Ropes & Rowers will feel, much like a drill. You have the rowing machine, the battle ropes, and then there is the added step work, and weighted exercise balls to mix it up.

The idea is to create a competitive environment—heck, they even have a Brag Board. You have to push yourself to do as many reps of endurance drills in a paced manner (yes, in the beginning you’ll be tempted to go hard and fast, but better sense prevails and you realize slow and steady is the way to hold your ground the longest).

Benefits Of The Ropes & Rowers Class

What’s even better is that the workout is easy on the joints and you can moderate the intensity to suit your comfort. If you’re intrigued, here’s where you can sign up for a class.

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