While having a toned mid-section is hard enough for a regular person, for a body that’s been through pregnancy, it’s double the challenge. You will notice an overhang of your lower belly that’s typically ridden with stretch marks and signals the downward spiral of your body’s battle against gravity. 

To get rid of the belly pooch, it’s important to get back on the wagon and start working out after the postpartum period in order to curb the roundness of your paunch. While we recommend a whole host of at-home workouts for the new mommy, an accessory worth investing in is the stability ball, for its versatility and bounce-back motion that is easy on the joints and muscles (useful for moms who’ve delivered through C-section). For starters, try this exercise:

Step 1: Kick things up a notch by letting the ball rest under the shins. Your hands should be placed on the ground and your body should be parallel to the ground.

Step 2: Lower your body and hold for 30 seconds. Engage your abs and elbows, and push your body upwards to start position. The motion should mimic a conventional push-up, but in this case, focus on your core versus your pecs and arms.

Begin with 5 and progress to 15 reps over the week. Another point to note is that light exercises, right through pregnancy, are a great way to prevent the overhang of the belly pooch altogether. In fact, women have been known to retain their six-pack abs, even in the ninth month. Don’t believe us? Read the story of Sarah Stage.

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