Ever spend a night at the club and come home feeling like you just had the most grueling workout of your life? Well, that’s the concept behind 305 Fitness. With a live-DJ, flashing lights and funky wall art, this class aims to bring the club experience to your workout–minus the dreaded heels of course.

The Workout: As the live DJ worked his magic, the instructor led us through 55-minutes of nonstop dance-cardio routines. The workout combined dance moves, sports drills and high intensity interval training for a sweat-inducing, heart-pounding, full-body workout.

While at first we were intimidated by the dancing, we quickly realized that the moves are fun and easy to catch on to. About a half hour into the cardio party, there was a quick upper body toning session (this varies depending on which class you sign up for), and then it was back to cardio for the rest of the class.


Music: Fun, upbeat hits woven together by a live DJ, the music was tuned to ensure there was never a dull moment and you were inspired to keep moving. For a sound bite, check out the studio’s SoundCloud page here.

Why We Love It: It’s the kind of workout that doesn’t feel like one. With 305, it’s easy to get lost in the music and feel like you’re at a dance party, not an exercise class.

What We Would Change: Maybe having an additional toning session at the end of the class would be a good idea.

Location: 305 Fitness Studio, Greenwich Village, NYC. The studio is well-equipped, complete with showers, towels and hair dryers. They also provide lockers and water bottles.

305 currently has one studio in NYC and one in DC, and prices vary depending upon the location. Want more information? Go to 305Fitness.com.

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