Behind The Scenes: How Arnold Schwarzenegger Trained For Terminator Genisys

Wed, Jul 8th 2015

Trina Remedios

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You rarely hear of 60-something bloke chugging down whey protein, while he takes on powerlifting to bulk up at his age. But, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the exception to every rule, as even at 67, the actor manages to closely replicate his 36-year old body from the first Terminator movie, which released over three decades ago.

The body builder and former Governor of California has always focused on staying fit, but certainly lost a lot of the muscle mass he had in his younger days when he used to train on the regular. Not one to shy away from a challenge, the actor is back, and how!

“I had to gain the weight back,” Arnold told “I weighed 228lb in the 1984 for that movie. I wanted to get that body weight back and get that same sort of size, so it is believable.”

So while Schwarzenegger was always in good shape, to fuel his intentions he began having protein drinks, twice a day—in between meals—and included supplements and muscle building foods in his diet.

The actor followed this up with a power-packed, muscle-building workout with endurance and strength training exercises, designed to enhance the cardiovascular system to take on exhaustive stunts. After all, action movies and stunts are demanding and require great stamina, and the Terminator was hellbent on recreating the magic with the 5th installment of the series.

His bodybuilding background also helped him bounce back to his 1984 physique. “Without sport, I would have never learned the lessons that are so important for life. The bodybuilding and lifting background is really the foundation of everything I have done,” he told the website.

Here are some snapshots of Arnold Schwarzenegger training for Terminator Genisys 2015.

Care to count the protein powders in that cart?

Spotted on a Boris bike in the UK while promoting the film, the actor made sure to get his fitness fix as he took in the sites.  

Just two days ago, and he was still pumping iron while in Japan, as the Terminator Genisys takes over cinemas worldwide.

Image Courtesy: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Instagram

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