If you’re struggling to lose those love handles, take the plunge with lunges and you will forever be thankful. This simple exercise is a great way of working out core muscles, strengthening leg muscles, improving flexibility, and most importantly, toning and shaping the butt. Here’s how to do the perfect lunges in two steps:

1) Stand straight, keep your shoulder back and chest out, and eyes fixed at a point in front of you. Place your hands on your hips and engage the core.

2) Put one leg forward and lower your hips till your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Note that, your other knee (the one on the back foot) should not touch the floor, and your knee forward should be in line with your ankle. Push back to the starting position, placing all your weight on the heel.

After 20 reps, do the same with the other leg.

If you feel an added strain on your joints, check your posture and form to avoid risk of injury. What will peak your interest is that doing lunges can burn 64 calories in 10 minutes, if you weigh 150 pounds—the more you weigh, the more calories you lose because you are using your own body weight as resistance.