Boys, nuke those man boobs, and girls, tone up that chest with the pec deck. Also known as the butterfly or pec deck fly, this popular isolation exercise is sure to be on your circuit training list at the gym. As the name suggests, it builds the pectoral muscles while giving your arms and shoulders a bit of a workout too.

The following steps to this strength training move requires the prescribed gym equipment, and can be done using free-weights once you’ve nailed the form you need to hold during the exercise.

Step 1: Hold the handles of the machine, and make sure your upper arms are parallel to the ground. If not, adjust the machine to suit your body by changing the height of the seat.
Pec Deck-Step-1_235516744-TEXT

Step 2: Pull the handles out, in front of your chest. Exhale and hold this position for a few seconds. Then, slowly return to starting position while inhaling steadily.
Pec Deck-Step-2_235514743-TEXT

You can burn 94 calories in 15 minutes with the pec deck if you weigh 150lb. The exercise is a great way to add definition to your upper body, so that you have a chest that complements those abs to create the perfect torso.

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