This exercise is a great way to speed up metabolism, increase the density of your bones, engage your core, and condition your upper body muscles. While your arms, shoulder and pecks are the direct targets of push-ups, the exercise also requires you to engage your abs to hold form and position.

Here’s a play-by-play:

Step 1: Lie flat, face downwards on the ground, as your body is supported by your toes (placed together), chest (touching the ground), and palms on the ground (in line with your shoulders).


Step 2: Push yourself up using your arms, till your hands are flexed and completely straight. You need to lift your whole body—chest, abs, hips, and legs—till it is all in a straight line, barring your toes which remain grounded and act as a support. Slowly lower your body, but don’t touch the ground; move on to the next rep.


PS: You need to pull in your stomach and clench your glutes in push-up mode.

A person burns 0.036 calories every minute per pound of bodyweight while doing push-ups; therefore, if a person weighs 150lbs, he would lose 5.4 calories per minute. Do as many reps as instructed by the trainer, and remember to do them right to prevent injuries.