A perfect exercise for women, wave goodbye to your arm fat with some tricep dips that will not only tone, but give great definition to your muscles. The exercise also stimulates muscle growth around the chest and the upper back, so if you’re top heavy, add this move to your workout quickly. We tell you how to nail those tricep dips.

Step 1: Use a steady piece of furniture for support—chair, bench, table, bed—one that is preferably more than a foot high. Now face away from it and place your arms on either side and keep your feet together. Crouch or lower your body slowly till your arms are parallel to the floor, much like you’re trying to sit down on an imaginary foot stool. Your arms should be 90 degrees, bent at the elbows.

Step 2: Finally, tighten your triceps and push yourself up without locking your arms and knees, and then move on to the next rep.

If you weigh 150lbs you can burn 40 calories in 10 minutes. A simple to trick to efficiently do this exercise is to bend your knees as you go down. This body-weight workout is easy, yet effective.