Chances are you’ve never had a trainer tell you to lift with your tongue during an ab workout. Well, Kyle Langworthy from Mark Fisher Fitness, New York says that the tongue is intricately connected to our core muscles, so using it correctly when you exercise can give you incredible ab definition.

When you activate your tongue, you also inevitably work out your deep-core muscles in the process. If you align these muscles with your head, rib cage and pelvis, you will have a more solid base to lift from. What’s more, this new-found stability will also reduce the risk of injury when you exercise.

Get On The Program
Step 1:
Close your mouth and press your tongue to the roof, behind the teeth.

Step 2: Now, keep your tongue in place and create a downward suction as if you were attempting to pull the roof of your mouth down, and the up, front teeth back.

Step 3: Breathe deeply and feel your entire torso expand outward.

Step 4: Now lift maintaining the same posture and breathing pattern with every repetition.

This process should be replicated whenever you do exercises like deadlifts, squats, abs and pull-ups for best results.

PS: We wouldn’t blame you for taking time to wrap your head around this brand-new information—but it’s worth a shot, isn’t it? Apart from Langworthy, US-based author David Grisaffi, of Firm And Flatten Your Abs famealso recommends the tongue workout for your abs.