If you feel like beating the crap out of someone, well, sledgehammer training can help you channel all that and more, to give you the release you need. A derivative from the on-site construction workers with their ripped bodies and chiseled muscles was long overdue; and, sure enough, here it is.

Use your upper body strength and lift from your lower body to build muscle mass within days. Here’s to channeling your inner Thor:

What You Need: A sledgehammer and a giant tire or you can slam it in a sand pit.

What To Do: Hold the sledgehammer with your hands, one over the other. Keep your legs a little more than shoulder-width apart and swing your arms diagonally to hit the tire. Do it for 30 seconds and then take a break for 20 seconds.

Muscles Worked: It is a full-body workout, but to break it down further, it exercises your shoulder, forearms, back, core and hip muscles.

Benefits: Sledgehammer training is great for muscular endurance, muscular power, cardiovascular fitness and anaerobic conditioning. It also releases stress and improves your mental state; when was breaking anything ever going to be boring, really? Within 20 seconds you can improve muscle strength, 45-90 seconds improves endurance and conditioning, and it takes 2 minutes to develop your aerobic fitness and endurance.

Weight Loss: Sledgehammer training is an interval training exercise, which burns energy at a faster rate. This exercise ensures you burn calories well after you have stopped exercising; it increases your metabolic rate quickly and keeps it up even after the workout.

Not for the faint-hearted, but definitely not restricted to the bulky folk either, this new-age workout is all about giving a thorough pounding to get an adrenaline rush, break a sweat, and have your metabolism soaring in full-throttle.

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