Most people associate fitness with weight loss. Now, being the right weight for your body is great. But, what’s losing weight going to do, if you end up losing muscle mass along with it?

We’re going to show you three simple manoeuvres—one each, for your legs, arms, and abs—that won’t only help you lose those extra pounds, but also tone and strengthen your muscles simultaneously. And contrary to popular belief, resistance strength training, or weight training, can be done just as effectively in the comfort of your home.

PS: Make sure you’ve properly warmed up before you begin any exercise. Wear and tear can cause serious injury, so never underestimate the importance of stretching.


Squats target your lower body. They strengthens the quadriceps, the hamstrings and the glutes. To correctly perform a squat, a person should stand with his feet hip-width apart.  The second and third toes should be pointed straight ahead. The arms can either be held out in front of the body, straight above the head, or with the hands clasped behind the head. Once in position, the exerciser should lower his glutes to the floor, while keeping his feet flat on the ground and head facing forward. The glutes should never be pushed lower, past the knees. To increase the resistance, one should hold free weights in straightened arms.


Dips target the chest and triceps, and only require the support of a small table or chair. To perform a dip, place your hands on the edge of a table with the fingers facing forward. Feet can be placed flat against the floor with knees bent (easiest), on the heels with straight legs (medium), or can be alternated (hardest). Move your lower body as close to the floor as possible, while your back is kept close to the table or chair. Now, push off of hands (upward) until arms are straightened, but don’t lock your elbows.

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Crunches target your abdominal muscles. To perform a basic crunch, an exerciser should lay on his back on a soft surface, with his feet flat against the floor and knees bent. Place your arms across your chest (for the easiest level of resistance), above your body (for medium resistance) or clasped behind your head (for the hardest level of resistance). Once in position, lift yourself from the abs, until you find yourself in a mid-seated position. Lower back down as much as you can, but move on to the next rep without touching the floor.Perform 25 crunches in a row to get optimum results.

Simplicity goes a long way, and when it comes to your workouts, it can make a world of difference. So gear up, hydrate and lets get your pulse racing.

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