If you’re short on time but desperately need to lose a few pounds, it’s time to work the circuit. With an over-all burn of 170-360 calories in 30 minutes, this full-body workout is a great way to gain muscle tone and lose weight simultaneously. Here’s the complete lowdown on the circuit training fitness program:

The Secret To The Circuit
It is a fast-paced cardio and weight-training workout where you do one exercise after another, using moderate weights as resistance. You alternate the muscle groups while you train so that you can workout without having to rest. This keeps your metabolic rate high.

Circuit training makes you burn far more calories than when your doing cardio and weights on separate days.

A Circuit Training Plan To Vaporize Calories
According to Bodybuilding.com, do this workout for 45 minutes, three times a week to lose weight quickly. One training set involves:
Bicep Machine: 12-15 reps
Pull-ups: 10-12 reps
Crunches: 10-15 reps
Seated Curls: 12-15 reps
One Arm Rows: 12-15 reps
Sit-ups: 12-15 reps
Concentration Curls: 12-15 reps
Lat Pull-down: 12-15 reps

Once you finish, take a four-minute break and then begin with the second set.

Why We Love It
There isn’t just one, but four reasons to take on the circuit training program: weight loss; muscle tone; calorie shedding; and most importantly, you can’t get bored because the routine changes every few minutes.

While high-intensity cardio has long been the go-to plan for those who want to lose some weight, adding weight training exercises to your everyday routine gives it another dimension, one that has the bonus benefit of shaping your body as you drop the pounds.