Ever wondered why there are so many diets out there? Well, while some of them may be marketing gimmicks, there are many that are simply tuned to suit very specific bodily needs.

Fitness can be categorized into weight loss, exercise, and strength training. This is exactly why one diet does not fit all, and you need to align your food plan with your fitness goals. While we’ve already discussed the foods you should be eating for weight loss, we now focus on how you can optimize your cardio and strength training sessions with the right food groups.

Diet For Cardio
Running, sports and cycling are popular activities among weight watchers. They help you shed the pounds, but also require stamina and energy to be able to stay in motion for long periods of time. Your body sources these components from complex carbohydrates and fats, which is why you should consider loading up on oats, dairy, avocado and vegetables before you hit the track. The idea is to indulge in all food groups, but to restrict calorie consumed to fall below calorie expended in order to achieve your goals. Make sure to load up on fibrous foods to regulate your digestive system.


Diet For Strength Training
Needless to say, lifting weights is as important as cardio, as it helps burn calories long after you’ve left the gym. But, if muscle mass and body tone is your primary agenda, try a protein-rich diet full of lean meats, eggs, poultry and seafood. The amino acids present in protein help build muscle cells and tissue. You could also consider including protein shakes in your food plan. We help you Find Your Match With 5 Protein Shakes For 5 Specific Needs.

Hoping we’ve helped steer you on the right course, a final note we’d like to make is that whether you are pro cardio or pro strength training, eating the right foods is the only way to supplement your practice; to the extent that you should consider alternating your diet if you alternate between the two routines on a daily basis.

In fact, even yoga has a very specific food plan for optimal performance. Those who are interested can check it out here.

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