At Home Series: 5 Exercises to Combat Shoulder Pain

Our shoulders carry the weight of flexibility, strength, and daily functions that include lifting, holding, carrying, pushing, and pulling. As one of the most complex joints in our body, the shoulders provide mobility to our arms and stability to all the muscles, joints, and bones that make up the shoulders.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that our shoulders are prone to experience pain from overuse and muscle strain. Shoulder pain can impair your ability to perform day-to-day activities and make feel you very uncomfortable.

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain and stiffness from overworking the muscles, there are a few ways to help you find pain relief. If ice packs, medication, and other methods don’t seem to be working, specific shoulder exercises may be the solution to help you feel better.

Shoulder Exercises to Alleviate Pain

The following stretches and exercises should help your shoulders and allow you to feel better. If you have been experiencing very painful symptoms that persist for more than a few days, make sure to consult your doctor immediately before trying out these exercises.

1. Arm Across Chest


  • Starting on the right side, hold your right hand in front of you and place it near your waist.
  • Place your left hand behind your right elbow and pull the right arm to the left across your chest.
  • If you experience pain in your shoulder, lower your arm until the pain starts to decrease.
  • Hold this position for 45 seconds, pause for a few minutes and repeat the exercise using the left side.

2. Neck Release


  • Sit up straight and gently bring your chin towards your chest. As you lower your chin, you should feel a stretch at the back of your neck.
  • Starting from the right side, gently lean your head to the right to stretch your left shoulder and pause for 60 seconds.
  • Slowly lean your head to the left to stretch your right shoulder and pause for 60 seconds.
  • Maintain your breathing during these exercises and take deep breaths in and out to induce relaxation.
  • Repeat this exercise at least 3 times and don’t forget to stretch both shoulders each time.

3. Chest Expansion


  • Using a rope, exercise band, or even a tie, place the item behind your back and hold it with both your hands.
  • As you grasp the item, bring your shoulder blades towards each other and gently lift your chin towards the ceiling.
  • Pause for 10–15 seconds and release. Repeat this exercise at least 3 times.

4. Seated Twist


  • Sit up straight on a chair or bench and bring your knees together.
  • Slowly twist your torso to the right and place your right hand on your left thigh.
  • With your shoulders relaxed, gently push on left thigh as you look towards the right side.
  • Take a few deep breaths in and out for 10 – 15 seconds and release.
  • Switch to the left side and repeat the exercise. Repeat the whole exercise at least 3 times and don’t forget to exercise both sides.

5. Arm Circles


  • Stand up and extend both arms out to create a “T” shape with your body.
  • Using both arms, gently start to rotate them in circles of about 1 foot in diameter with each arm.
  • Continue this exercise for about 10 – 15 seconds.

Quick FAQs

1. How should I exercise for shoulder pain?

There are many effective exercises you can do to combat shoulder pain. Most exercises, such as the ones mentioned above, can be done in your own home and only takes a few minutes.

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