By regularly practicing pigeon pose, you can increase your flexibility and improve the range of motion in your hip joints, lengthening your psoas muscles and helping to reduce strain in your knees.
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Julian Walker is a Los Angeles-based yoga instructor who almost lost his career and passion to Lyme disease. Over ten years ago, a tick bit Walker during a trip to upstate New York, unnoticed. He returned to California with confusing symptoms like skin inflammation, and, with area doctors less unfamiliar with the disease, it took five months to get a proper diagnosis. Untreated, Lyme disease took a toll on his body.
If your morning run makes you run for the toilet, you're not alone. “Come on, you can make it… the little store’s just right up the road. Hold it. Oh my God, it hurts to hold it.” If this sounds all too familiar, then you’ve probably experienced the “pinch and hold” move perfected by many runners. A review in the International SportMed Journal about gastrointestinal problems in runners reported that studies have found between 30 and 83 percent of runners are affected by GI disturbances. Simply put, many people feel the need to poop while running or shortly after they finish their workout.
Even when you’re low on time, you can still get an intense, full workout by utilizing micro workouts. Before getting into examples, it’s important to know how this almost-too-convenient concept works.
The idea of giving up the main component of what makes two of my three meals is frightening, to say in the least. But, is it worth it?
If you feel too self-conscious about passing out in yoga class, here are three simple tips that will help you save face.