Stop! Don't count your calories, count your macronutrients... or so says this new diet. Is this a sustainable weight-loss plan? Let’s investigate!
After a breakup, the thrill of kickboxing, the adrenaline of pumping iron and lifting weights, and even the resonance of a 'survivor' song on your playlist while you run is extremely therapeutic.
With female celebrities like Adriana Lima, Denise Richards and Sarah Michelle Gellar endorsing the activity as a workout, the routine is taking over NYC and has found many patrons already.
Pilates on Monday, gym on Wednesday, yoga on the weekend—ay yai yai, you're in trouble. It's time to mend your ways, and we show you how.
While this is all in good fun, you've got to admit, we've all been there, we've all done that. And hey, if there's anything we've missed out, feel free to add to the list. : )
The A-list women of Los Angeles are ruling the fitness scene this week, what with their calorie torching workouts that serve as inspiration and will give you some serious body envy, in a good way.
Before you decide to throw out those form-fitting tops, we urge you to try these simple moves to get rid of the excess back fat and smooth out the spillage.
A flattened butt, belly bulge, slouching shoulders are all signs of the 'office body'. Here's how you can fix it with exercise; and, lose some weight too.
This routine can help one decrease the amount of sugar in the blood, along with eliminating all the usual symptoms such as fat accumulation around the waist, stress, high blood pressure, liver and kidney complications, and high cholesterol.
No, it is not always temporary weight gain. You could be packing on some solid pounds that will be doubly hard to get off. Here's all you need to know.