On our original series Sweat The Cityhost Adrianne Ho tries new food, fashion, and fitness trends like whole-body cryotherapy. The popular muscle treatment has gained steam in the fitness world over the past several years, and it consists of placing people in temperatures that reach nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit below zero!

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As you’ll see in the clip above, stepping into sub-zero temperatures for a couple minutes isn’t as terrifying and dangerous as it sounds. Whole-body cryotherapy is a popular, regulated, tried-and-true practice with multiple benefits. During her visit, the gentleman guiding Ho through the experience tells her, “You’re gonna feel great when you’re out, that endorphin rush is going to kick in, and all of that blood is going to go back out into your extremities and you’re going to have super oxygenated, enzyme-rich blood.”

So, while oxygenated, enzyme-rich blood sounds, and is great, most of us don’t really know why that is. This makes it difficult for curious internet browsers to discern whether or not the treatment is good for you.

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The Clear Benefits Of Whole-Body, Cryotherapy

If you’re asking yourself, Is is it safe? Is it good for you? Does cryotherapy work? The answers will never be black-and-white. The term cryotherapy actually extends well beyond the whole-body, chamber therapy that Ho tries on Sweat The Cityit encompasses all cases of using cold temperatures as therapy or treatment, including freezing warts and skin tags.

Whole-body cryotherapy is generally safe, when done with a professional, and is said to work as a reliever of sore muscles and promoter of fast, natural healing after working out. The concept is that it works as a more efficient ice bath, which is all about expediting post-workout recoveries. The process is explained perfectly in this piece from Activewhich says, “The ice bath [sub-in whole-body cryotherapy] is thought to constrict blood vessels, flush waste products and reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Subsequently, as the tissue warms and the increased blood flow speeds circulation, the healing process is jump-started.”

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Some Things To Remember About Cryotherapy

  • Again, there are several different kinds of cryotherapy. Some are used to treat illnesses, diseases, and skin issues, but whole-body cryotherapy is mainly designed to supplement workouts, and health-and-wellness programs. 
  • If you’re wondering whether or not whole-body cryotherapy hurts or not, you don’t have much to worry about. While the feeling of standing in a cryochamber is intense, most people don’t describe it as pain, and they also tend to exit feeling refreshed and invigorated. 
  • There are cryotherapy treatments designed to help you lose weight, and achieve other cosmetic changes to your body, and the general public’s opinions and reviews of these methods tend to be mixed.

If you’re simply interested in a trendy new wellness trend, there’s no harm in doing a general, whole-body cryotherapy session. And, there’s even less harm in watching Adrianne Ho try it for you on our original series Sweat The City