Yoga for Concentration

With our busy schedules and the responsibilities we have on a daily basis, it can be a difficult task to keep focused. On days you feel overwhelmed, you need a little mental clarity in your life to help you put things back into focus.

Yoga can be one of the best ways to achieve mental clarity. The following yoga poses will help you gain mental stability, focus, and help you clear your mind. Perhaps best of all, these poses can be done within 15 minutes or less.

Yoga for Concentration – 3 Poses to Boost Mental Clarity

  1. Vrikshasana: Tree Pose
  2. Natarajasana: Dancer Pose
  3. Garudasana: Eagle Pose

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

Yoga Poses for Mental Clarity

Vrikshasana or tree pose received its name from the idea that this particular pose has the stability, grace, and modesty of a tree. Unlike a lot of yoga poses, you don’t need to close your eyes for this one. The pose will help you concentrate as you focus on your balance and breathing.


  1. Stand with your feet 2 inches apart.
  2. As you begin to focus, bend your right leg and place your right foot on the left inner thigh. Make sure your heel is touching your perineum.
  3. Breathe in and out as you begin to bring your arms upward with your palms adjoining in namaste.
  4. Stay in this position for 30-45 seconds.
  5. Repeat this pose with the other foot.

Benefits: Vrikshasana calms your nervous system and treats numbness. It also improves stability and balance while it relaxes your mind and boosts your self-esteem.

Natarajasana (Dancer Pose)

Yoga for Mental Clarity

Natarajasana, or dancer pose, was named after the Lord of Dance, Shiva (Nataraja). This pose is a little difficult to perform as it requires you to stretch your middle back as you grab one foot while balancing your weight on the other one. However, with repeated practice, you should able to perform this pose with ease.


  1. While standing straight, bend your right knee so that your foot touches your bottom, grabbing your foot with your right hand
  2. Stretch that leg upward and backward, trying to stay focused and concentrating on your balance.
  3. Pull the right arm and leg upward resembling the shape of a bow. Keep your thigh parallel to the floor and continue to stretch your leg out in front of you.
  4. Remain in this pose for 4 deep breaths.

Benefits: Natarajasana enhances blood circulation and endurance, releasing your mind from stress and depression. It also improves digestion and boosts your metabolism, promoting weight loss. Natarajasana can also improve concentration while firming your muscles and strengthening your body.

Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Yoga for Concentration

Garudasana, or eagle pose, is named after the King of All Birds, Garuda. Garuda has an interesting place in Indian mythology, as he appears in the Ramayana as a strong bird that tries to rescue Sita from Ravana. This pose is best practiced in the morning on an empty stomach.


  1. While breathing deeply, raise your left foot and place the left leg over your right thigh above your knee. Focus on your balance.
  2. Make sure your left foot is behind your right calf, placing your left big toe above your right ankle bone.
  3. Bend your elbows and keep them at your chest level. Place your right elbow on the top of your upper left arm. Move your right hand back to right and the left hand back to the left, adjoining your palms.
  4. Stay in this pose for about 6 breaths.

Benefits: This pose flushes out your kidneys and improves blood circulation to your reproductive system, preventing urinary problems and detoxifying your body. While this pose is calming, it will also make your hips and legs more flexible, restoring your neuromuscular coordination and improving posture. Garudasana can also help with asthma conditions.

Clearing Your Mind With Yoga

Whether you are having a long, hectic day and need some relief, or you just want to relax and stretch, these yoga poses can be an ideal solution. The discussed yoga poses help improve mental clarity and boost mental stability. Along with clearing your mind, these poses can also help improve your digestive and respiratory systems, clearing you from inside out.

If you feel these poses are too advanced for you, feel free to modify them or try different variations. With repeated practice, performing these poses will become much easier.


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