exercise to regain bone mass

One in five men aged 50 or above are prone to bone-related problems. Bone density reduces as you age, making you susceptible to osteoporosis and fractures. But it can be averted with hardcore workouts such as weight-lifting and plyometric exercises in a span of six months.

Researchers studied 38 physically active, middle-aged men who completed either a weight-lifting program or a jumping program for a year for 60-120 minutes. The participants consumed calcium and vitamin D supplements throughout their training program.

The men’s bone mass was measured of the whole body, hip and lumbar spine at the beginning of the study and again at six and 12 months. It was found that bone mass of the whole body and lumbar spine increased significantly after six months of completing the weight-lifting or jumping program, and this increase was maintained at 12 months. Hip-bone density only increased among those who completed the weight-lifting program.

“The interventions we studied are effective, safe and take 60-120 minutes per week to complete, which is feasible for most people,” said one of the researchers Pam Hinton, associate professor at University of Missouri in the US.

There are alternative options to increase bone density that includes weight-bearing exercises such as walking, dancing, cycling and hiking. Add bone-friendly superfoods—milk, greens, salmon and soy-based products, to supplement your workout. Go the complete yard to strengthen your bones as you grow older.

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