Weight loss

This season is dedicated to spending more time outdoors and appreciating the gift of natural sunlight, fresh air, and a healthy body. If you're sick of staying inside and need to get away once in a while, exercising outdoors...
The road to weight loss can feel like a long journey, but you don't have to do it alone. Fortunately, goji berries have proven to be successful in targetting these weight loss obstacles and can actually help you lose weight.
Riding your bike may have been something you did as a kid, but we're here to tell you that cycling can be an awesome activity as an adult. Not only is cycling a great workout, but it's actually one...
A simple Google search for “need to lose weight” can leave you overwhelmed, and quite often, lost. There are thousands and thousands of claims, solutions and programs that are currently available for people who are looking to shed some pounds. There is so much...
The idea of giving up the main component of what makes two of my three meals is frightening, to say in the least. But, is it worth it?
Planning to encourage a healthier lifestyle in your office? Find out if 'The Biggest Loser' challenge works for you.
Want to get yourself back on track as a healthy eater this year — or have you made a commitment to eat healthier, period? If your recent holidays, like mine, were a non-stop parade of meals, cocktails, and treats, try my trick: Kick off the year with a Whole30 program for the whole family.
It is said to be a weight loss miracle that looks at the problem holistically. Here's how you can add it to your diet.
Spotted at the red carpet premiere in London, the actor cut a much slimmer figure in a pinstripe suit. Here's how he did it.
High grade triple negative breast cancer (a biologically aggressive type) is more common in overweight women. Here's a preventive dietary and workout guideline to minimize your risks.