Weight loss

Want to get yourself back on track as a healthy eater this year — or have you made a commitment to eat healthier, period? If your recent holidays, like mine, were a non-stop parade of meals, cocktails, and treats, try my trick: Kick off the year with a Whole30 program for the whole family.
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High grade triple negative breast cancer (a biologically aggressive type) is more common in overweight women. Here's a preventive dietary and workout guideline to minimize your risks.
While the gluten-free drink looks harmless, a closer look at the label will tell you that it has a high concentration of sugar and preservatives, too.
If you're looking for a quick-fix to your weighty issues, try some bitter melons on for size. You won't regret it.
Designed to make you eat less than you burn for three days a week, here are some food alternates to opt from in order to stay on track.
Nowadays, it’s glamorous to be on a diet and the latest in-thing is to go G-free. The problem is, this is a modified food plan, not a weight-loss diet!
This one does more harm than good and will make you pack on the pounds just as quickly as you dropped them in the first place.
The queen of prime time television gets real about her weight loss struggle.