10 Signs You're Just Plain Hangry

by Charlene Flanagan


Having a craving for food that is so acute you become annoyed, dispelased, or hostile: sorry I fussed at you this morning, I was hangry because I didn't have my regular coffe and blueberry muffin. 

If you're like some of us at ZLiving HQ, you probably get hangry all the time. The worst is when you're grumpy because you're on the second day of a cleanse. Or, when you're running errands and you order food at a restaurant that you realize is all way across town. Or, when you work up an appetite from doing housework and you realize that you have no food in the refrigerator. Gosh, we can go on and on. In fact, we did... check it out!

1. You’re in a meeting that never seems to end. Wait, are you really doodling cupcakes? #NotJudging

2. Wait, what's that noise? Um, I think your stomach is talking back to you. *Burp*

3. You’re constantly swearing and those insults seem to be getting more creative by the minute (because "May all your bacon burn"?) I definitely didn't see coming.

4. You keep checking your watch. Yes, it's only been five minutes since you last asked what the time was. 

5. You want to punch someone eating a sandwhich in the face for no apparent reason. 

6. You’re in a restaurant and are contemplating sneaking leftovers from the table that just left.

7. The passion you feel for a donut right now is unparalleled; never had such strong feelings for a woman, have you? 

8. You feel like nobody gets you—until you eat, and then all is well with the world again!

9. You consider eating your own arm.

10. You’re super emo. This is worse than PMS, menopause, and man-opause put together.

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