20 Big Fat Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Weight

by Brandon Topp

When's the last time you've taken a good, long, honest look at your body and at your weight? Are you happy with what you see? Truly, are you?

Or are you not?

Because here's the thing: The root of transformation comes from desire. To really, permanently change your weight, change your body, change your health, and ultimately change your life, you have to dig deeper into the truth of who you are and how truly committed you are to changing. The 20 questions below are designed to help you dig into just that.

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Why These 20 Questions Are So Important 

On The Big Fat Truth, show host JD Roth helps different groups of people — former Biggest Loser contestants, moms, nurses, teachers, and more — face the big, fat, and hard truths of why they're overweight. But before Roth even met with the folks featured on the show, he asked each of them to film a video of themselves and to fill out a detailed questionaire. The questions asked of each show participant? They're identical to the ones below, all published in Roth's book of the same name. These questions are a major part of the pre-casting process from the show, so they're extremely important to answer thoughtfully.

As Roth says, "You just have to be brave enough to ask the right questions. It's part of your 'pre-casting' process. What the pre-casting process can do for you, too, is convince you that you can do it. But you have to take it seriously."

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The Big Fat Truth's 20 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Weight

As you get started, fire up a Word document on your computer, or pull out a paper and pen. Then give detailed answers. If it doesn't take you a couple of hours to complete these questions, you're doing it wrong. Go deep. Let it all sink in; really sink.

Roth also suggests having a friend walk you through the questions, or writing them out yourself. He says, “The very act of writing may bring issues from your subconscious into your conscious so that you might become fully aware of the reasons you’ve been unable to lose weight in the past.” 

Now go for it!

1. Is weight an issue in the family you grew up in? Who suffers from it? How much weight do they need to lose? Do you blame your family for making you overweight?

2. What is your ethnicity? Does your culture play a part in your weight?

3. Describe your occupation. Does your weight affect your occupation? How?

4. What’s it like being overweight? How does it affect you in your everyday life? How exhausting is it?

5. What are all the things you missed out on being at this weight?

6. What activities are difficult at this weight, either physically or emotionally? List anything from getting in and out of cars to getting undressed in the locker room at your gym without feeling self-conscious.

7. Does weight interfere with your life as a single person, person in a relationship, married person, more parent?

8. What would it mean to be at a healthy weight?

9. Have you ever been thin? Why haven’t you lost the weight?

10. How did you gain the weight?

11. Describe your diet from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep.

12. Food to me is _________.

13. Do you have kids? Have you passed on your poor eating habits?

14. Are you afraid of dying prematurely due to your weight?

15. Describe how your family upbringing has played a part in your weight gain.

16. Have you let yourself down by being overweight? Have you let your family down by being overweight?

17. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

18. Is there anything about you that you haven’t even told your significant other or your best friend?

19. How much weight do you want to lose?

20. What is going to be different this time around?

Don't take these answers lightly. They matter.

As Roth says, "I am looking for you to pinpoint the exact moment or moments in your life when you began to view food as a source of comfort, rather than as fuel to feed your body. Figure out the moment of emotional impact that's driven you to lose control and you'll never need to go on a diet again. Once you identify this, you start your transformation."

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