4 Type 2 Diabetics Reverse Their Disease On ‘The Big Fat Truth’

Thu, Aug 3rd 2017

Abhijita Kulshrestha

Z Living’s original program The Big Fat Truth dives into the real reasons people gain weight, and the latest episode focused on the unfortunate task of living with Type 2 diabetes. Constantly eating unhealthy foods and injecting medication into themselves, these five guests came to the show ready to take back control of their lives.

Luckily, host JD Roth has 15+ years of weight-loss expertise—he’s the former executive producer of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss—which he used to help each one of them discover their own big fat truth.

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In this episode, Roth worked with five Type 2 diabetics, who he says used drugs and insulin shots to help themselves eat their favorite foods. When JD Roth first met the diabetics, he explained that while millions of Americans suffer from this disease, they still choose man-made synthetic substances, needles and medications enabling their addiction to sugar.

Roth reminded his new friends that they don’t have to be Type 2 diabetics at all. As he does every episode, JD Roth put each of these guests on a whole food, plant-based diet for 90 days. The results were astonishing.

Here Are The ‘Before’ & ‘After’ Photos From The Big Fat Truth’s Type 2 Diabetics Feature:

Jesse Lost 25 lbs In 90 Days. That’s 10% Weight Loss!

Jesse entered The Big Fat Truth not only lying to himself, but his family as well. He had been living with Type 2 diabetes for five years and told no one, despite the rest of his family having dealt with the disease before.

“I didn’t want to disappoint them,” were Jesse’s words for why he didn’t share the news with his parents, which is why JD Roth sat down with Jesse and they told his mom together. After that moment, Jesse felt a wave of relief and was able to make the incredible transformation you see above.

Julie Lost 27 lbs In 90 Days. That’s 12% Weight Loss!

Julie joined the show because she was tired of her unhealthy lifestyle. She has four beautiful children and a husband who is also overweight. Julie told us on the show, “I’ve invested my life in them. Where’s the return, the joy of enjoying our years with them?”

Once Julie got on track, she never slowed down, and it shows in her amazing new look. In addition to that, she was one of the four guests on this episode who totally reversed their Type 2 diabetes!

Jill Lost 30 lbs In 90 Days. That’s 15% Weight Loss!

Jill struggled at first when she started the program and revealed that she had been dealing with an eating disorder for a very long time. That “evil Jill” voice in her head was preventing her from moving forward and creating good habits for this new lifestyle.

JD had a great sit down talk with Jill to get her out of her own head and it worked. “What I decided to do, to compensate for the ‘evil Jill’ voice in my head, was to pick up my exercise, and I feel that I’ve gotten so much stronger,” says Jill.

Maricris Lost 26 lbs In 90 Days. That’s 11% Weight Loss!

Maricris had the scariest condition to start the program and revealed that doctors were worried that she might be going blind. She was told that the back of her eyes were bleeding and that she was at risk for Diabetic Macular Edema, so JD immediately had her take a blood test. Her sample looked like a “cloudy milkshake” compared to JD’s see-through, clean blood. Maricris said, “When my blood was displayed in front of me, it scared me straight.”

Thanks to sticking to The Big Fat Truths program and her plant-based diet, Maricris has no more bleeding behind her eyes and no longer needs insulin. Considering how dire her situation was coming in, the results prove to be a strong testament to JD Roth’s wisdom.

Rosie Lost 21 lbs In 90 Days. That’s 8% Weight Loss!

While Rosie didn’t stick with the program for the full 90 days, she did lose over 20 pounds and knows it’s time to get back on track.

“I made some mistakes throughout this process and now it’s time to take it seriously again,” said Rosie after seeing everyone else’s transformation. The good news is that she is down to 25 units of insulin compared to the 112 units she was taking before the program started.

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