The 5 Actual Reasons Why You Might Be Fat

by Brandon Topp

People become dangerously overweight for a variety of reasons, but often at the heart of it is an unhealthy diet and a lack of regular exercise. But often, that's not all. As JD Roth, host of Z Living's newest show The Big Fat Truth puts it, "you need to move more and eat less to shed pounds, but that simple formula doesn't get to the root of what makes someone top out at 500 pounds of even carry an extra 50. The big fat truth is that the secret to weight loss is what's in your head." 

So why, exactly, are you fat? What's going on in your head? Read on to find out, as Roth has identified five major reasons.

A dramatric new unscripted docuseries, The Big Fat Truth is all about discovering the real reasons why people gain the weight and have trouble losing it.  Learn more about the show here, and find out when you can tune in.

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Committing To Lose Weight Means Looking At Your Deeply-Rooted Issues

Roth spends each episode helping a group of unhealthy people — between former contestants from The Biggest Loser, to mothers, nurses, and teachers—improve their diets and lifestyles. His strategy consists of putting each guest on a whole-food, plant-based diet for 90 days (a diet he and his family follow and swear by!), teaching them simple exercise strategies and goals, and most importantly, analyzing their personal lives to find out what’s contributing to each individual’s lack of self-care. As he's found over 15+ years working with overweight people (Roth is a former executive producer of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss, among other shows), often a hidden personal issue is at the root of the problem. "Tears weigh more than fat," he claims.

While show participants have Roth to help them, if you're overweight yourself, how can you figure out why? You may have to take a deep, very real look at yourself, but you can do it.

Check out 5 of the major reasons you might be fat that Roth has identified below, all from his best-selling book also called The Big Fat Truth:

The Big Fat Truth's 5 Real Reasons Why You Might Be Fat:

1. You Have No Coping Skills.

In his book, Roth writes, “Most of us never get taught healthy coping skills, so when stuff happens, we’re all vulnerable to the pull of hedonism. When that hedonism gets out of control, it’s like a double-whammy.” The process he’s describing is one that many The Big Fat Truth participants fall into. 

To address this problem, it’s important for you to look at the context in which you binge eat and cheat on your diet. If it consistently happens in times of turmoil, you need find a healthier coping mechanism to replace overeating with. 

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2. You’re Hiding. 

When you stop taking a close look at your own habits, chances are you’re hiding them from yourself and others. Roth says, “Fat is insulation in every sense of the word. Psychologically, it insulates you against painful emotions. Physically, it gives you a place to hide from the world.” The sad truth that our society overlooks overweight people is actually a scapegoat for overweight people. 

To address this problem, you need to look at yourself and show yourself to others. Take that desire for your peers to see you in a flattering light, and use it as motivation to eat healthy and exercise. 

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3. You’re Punishing Yourself.

Roth looks at food as a form of self-sabotage, as opposed to a reward. He writes, “You think you don’t deserve to be fit and healthy. You’re not worth anything, so why not drown yourself in a bucket of fried chicken or a huge hero sandwich?” While we see this thought process in ourselves and in characters on The Big Fat Truth, it’s a tough thing to address honestly. 

To address this problem, simply ask yourself why anyone in the world deserves to be healthier than you? Life will feel more exciting and worthwhile when you’re striving towards a better diet and more active lifestyle. 

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4. You’re Trying To Fill A Gaping Hole.

For more reasons than can fit in a blog post, we all go through periods of emptiness, anger, loss, loneliness, and depression. During these times, we feel that life is void of a certain joy or purpose that most other people have. Those of us who enjoy eating often try and fill that void with snacks. Roth writes in his book, “Loss and emptiness in life translates to a feeling of emptiness in the stomach.” 

To address this problem, you need to be aware of it during your darkest moments. If you can stay aware of these vulnerabilities, you can hopefully avoid succumbing to them, and stick to your diet and workout regimen. 

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5. You're More Stressed Than You Know. 

Roth divides stress up into two categories: everyday stress, and the other kind. He describes the latter as, “You don’t know what’s going on, but something is, because you can’t stop eating.” This is a tough problem to address, because it’s essentially subconscious. However, like most of these signs, it can be understood with basic self-honesty.

To address this problem Roth advises, “Talk things out. Have someone close to you ask leading questions. The more exploration and, yes, the more crying you do, the closer you’ll get to discovering the issue you need to deal with. That’s how the weight will come off.” 

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