If you’re struggling to shed the pounds, it’s time to re-evaluate your workout and weigh in your options. Here’s a high-octane exercise plan that requires extreme dedication and will make you lose the calories at an accelerated speed.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
The workout involves low- to moderate-intensity exercises alternated with high intensity ones for a quick burn in little time. With small bursts of recovery in an otherwise fast-paced workout, your metabolic rate stays up even after you leave the gym.
What To Expect: A typical session may involve running for 10 minutes (in 5 sets), jump squats for four minutes (in 2 sets), followed by 20 minutes of rowing (in 10 sets).

It is an hour-long intense training session that runs the whole spectrum of cardio, weight training and gymnastics. Crossfit begins with a warm up, moves to a skilled exercise, and is then followed by an intense training session; you end with some light stretching.
What To Expect: An intense workout with 500m of rowing, 10 deadlifts, 20 kettlebell swings and 30 push-ups, plus warm-up and cool-down exercises could be on the cards.

Core Training
As the name suggests, it focuses on developing the core muscles—traverse abdominis, erector spinae, obliques and lower lats. A strong core limits injuries when you run, reduces the risk of lower back pain and, most importantly, trims the fat on the waistline.
What To Expect: You may be asked to do some twisting and bending exercises like eight to 12 reps of sit-ups, eight to 12 reps of the Russian twist, and 10 reps of flat bench-lying leg raises.

Circuit Training
It is a fast-paced weight-training workout where you do one exercise after another, using moderate weights as resistance. You alternate the muscle groups while you train so that you can workout without having to rest. This keeps your metabolic rate high.
What To Expect: It can include two sets (20 reps) each of leg press, bench press, leg curl, peck deck, leg extension, and lat pull-down.

Strength Training
Strength training burns fat by replacing it with muscles, which takes care of problem areas like excess flab around the abdomen, thighs, back and the likes.
What To Expect: A typical workout may involve the bench press and seated row machine, and free exercises like bicep curls, lunges and reverse crunches. You may have to do 16 reps of one or two exercises from each muscle group.

Before you hit the floor, get a certified trainer to assist you with the fitness routine for a safe and effective workout.